Carolyn Bennett

Your member of parliament for

Toronto-St. Paul’s

Carolyn Bennett

Your member of parliament for

Toronto-St. Paul’s


Carolyn’s Presentations

Longevity and Public Health — IFA Global Conference, Montreal, September 7, 2008

Global Health Governance — ‘Public Health and Public Safety: What are the Gaps and How Do We Fill Them? Einstein meets Darwin’.  Presentation given September 12, 2008

BC Seniors Presentation — ‘The Grey Tsunami?’ National Pensioner and Senior Citizens Federation. Presentation given September 18, 2008

Millennium Development Goals — ‘Canada’s Role in Achieving the Millennium Development Goals by 2015’

Citizen Engagement: Better Policy, Good Politics is a powerpoint I gave at the LPCO convention in February, 2010

Click here to view Carolyn’s presentation on citizen engagement from the Fair Vote Canada AGM 2010, held at the University of Ottawa.

Family Practice Nurses — ‘From Health Care to Systems for Health: Family Practice Nurses are Key’. Ontario Family Practice Nurses Conference, May 10-16, 2010

Please see a copy of the presentation developed for the LPCO conference in Sudbury, Ontario, on September 25, 2010, in English and/or French
English: Canadians_make_the_rules_post

French: Canadians make the rules_FR

Our e-workbook for the Canada makes the rules tour is now available

Also please find a draft copy of our consultation power point presentation here, in English and in French

Canadian Parliamentary Association presentation, October 2011