Carolyn Bennett

Your member of parliament for

Toronto-St. Paul’s

Carolyn Bennett

Your member of parliament for

Toronto-St. Paul’s


Infrastructure Month: A Visit to Winona Housing Co-Op

Affordable housing is a cornerstone of sustainable, inclusive communities.  We are ensuring that social housing remains affordable and in good repair well into the future – right here in Toronto-St. Paul’s and across Canada.

In Ontario alone, our government has provided more than $1.72 billion in funding and subsidies for affordable housing projects and cooperatives, benefitting more than 300,000 families.

As well, the historic National Housing Strategy is investing $40 billion to create 100,000 new housing units, repair and renew another 300,000 units, and reduce chronic homelessness by 50 percent.

We must build a new generation of housing – one where all Canadians have the opportunity to thrive.



Carolyn:  Hi, I’m Carolyn Bennett, the Member of Parliament for Toronto-St. Paul’s.

We’re here at the Winona Co-Op, a federally funded co-op, and part of the National Housing Strategy.

We are here with Sharon who is the Secretary of the Board and one of the key volunteers that contributes to the dignity of this community.

Tell us a little about why the housing co-op movement is so important in Canada.


Sharon:  Well, first of all, the housing co-op movement is important because it helps low-income people and senior citizens to have a quality living — helps them to afford their rent, it helps them to be able to buy groceries, to pay bills and the basic standard of living.


Carolyn:  So here in the co-op they have their independence but they also have that social inclusion of building a real community — because of federal investments that top up their ability to pay their rent.

I understand it’s about $800,000 since 2015 on ninety-eight units here, so that actually allows people to have housing affordability as a part of the National Housing Strategy.


Sharon:  With the subsidy that we do get from CMHC, we can pay for our rent, and as I said, buy groceries.


Carolyn:  Well I think all of us understand how important the co-op movement is, but it’s mainly because of amazing volunteers like you that protect and maintain the quality of life for all the residents here.

Thank you so much Sharon!


Sharon:  Thank you for asking and visiting Winona.