Carolyn Bennett

Your member of parliament for

Toronto-St. Paul’s

Carolyn Bennett

Your member of parliament for

Toronto-St. Paul’s


Building Our Communities: Investing in Canada Infrastructure Plan

Investing in Canada is our federal government’s long-term, $186 billion plan to invest in the infrastructure projects Canada needs, and the men and women who can build them.

Since taking office, we have approved over 4,000 infrastructure projects across Canada — that’s more than three times what the previous government approved in the last five years of their mandate combined.  We are getting the projects we promised built while creating good jobs and growing the economy.

Local priorities and decision-making are the driving forces behind our government’s infrastructure plan.  Municipalities, provinces and territories are receiving the long-term infrastructure funding they need to plan for the future.  They decide where and how the funds should be invested to best benefit people in their communities.

As we in Toronto know very well, more people taking public transit means fewer cars on the road and less traffic congestion.

That’s why I am so proud that the Investing in Canada infrastructure plan devotes $28.7 billion for public transit projects — including nearly $13 million for the TTC to refurbish its Articulated Light Rail Vehicles (ALRVs) at the Hillcrest complex, right here in Toronto-St. Paul’s!

By upgrading and building new buses, trains, subways, and transit stations, we are helping Canadians get to work and back home to their families on time, making our air cleaner, and creating good, well-paying middle-class jobs.

The Investing in Canada plan also sets aside $25.3 billion to improve social infrastructure for communities across Canada, while creating jobs and growing the economy.

These kinds of investments in housing, early learning and child care, accessible infrastructure, as well as culture and recreation centres are incredibly important when it comes to building healthy, dynamic communities.

This is why I am so glad that our government has been able to support two incredible theatres located in Toronto-St. Paul’s — Solar Stage and Tarragon Theatre — with funding for some much-needed upgrades.


After 40 years of operation, Solar Stage recently moved into our Toronto-St. Paul’s community, setting up shop at the Artscape Wychwood Barns.  With their focus on producing inclusive, diverse, optimistic and inspirational storytelling, Solar Stage reminds us that: “Inspiration and deep engagement can be hard to find when everything is a click away.  Theatre allows us to reconnect, to be present with each other and ourselves, and to celebrate imagination together as a community.”

Storytelling is essential to our nation’s cultural integrity, and I’m so proud that our government was able to assist Solar Stage in 2016, funding their first set of new equipment in over 20 years.

Tarragon Theatre is an incredible organization that our Toronto-St. Paul’s community is lucky to have!  Since it opened in 1970, over 180 new plays have premiered here, and it has supported marginalized artists, including First Nations and Quebecois playwrights.  This past winter, I saw Drew Hayden Taylor’s “Cottagers and Indians” with friends, and we absolutely loved it!

In 2016, our government was happy to grant Tarragon Theatre the crucial funding they needed to move forward with their sound remediation.  This theatre works hard to support Canadian artists and enrich the community around them, and our government is proud to support their work.


To see all of the infrastructure projects that our government is supporting, please check out the Investing in Canada Plan Project Map at